Business Development

The ASYV is in the process of launching a for-profit entity that will operate in a variety of different market sectors and help support the sustainability of our village. We intend to offer consulting services and a range of branded products and services through local subsidiaries. We have both local and international expertise on staff in-country as well as a support network and investor base across the world.


Rwanda is open for business and a myriad of international firms are seeking a footprint in this stable country with rapidly advancing economy. We provide cutting-edge consulting services on the ground and work with multinational companies to mitigate risk, develop budgets, provide logistics support, and establish the necessary relationships with stakeholders.

Our clients include a leading international solar energy company and an American-owned restaurant chain.

Branded Products

We are working to source, process, manufacture, and package a variety of different products including produce and building materials. We have 40 hectares of arable land at the village and we are growing pineapple, maize, matoke, beans, potatoes and mangoes. This produce serves as the inputs of a high-quality food-supply chain.

Technology Innovation Center

We are in negotiations with different partners to offer high technology support and repair services under the auspice of a public-private partnership. Agahozo has the intellectual capacity, access to a skilled labor pool, capital, and the footprint necessary to rollout any product or service countrywide in a given timeframe.

Impact investing

Agahozo and its youth are at the forefront of Rwanda's transformation from subsistence farming to a knowledge-based economy. While our new business entity remains committed to increasing shareholder value, all of our initiatives seek to maximize financial and social returns.