Art Enrichment Programs

Modern Art

The Modern Art (MA) enrichment program gives students an opportunity to learn the basics of drawing, painting, jewelry making and craft making. Students learn how to sketch 3-dimensional objects, portraits, comic and fashion illustrations, how to mix paint and make necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The purpose of the Modern Art EP is to allow our students to acquire technical art skills as well as express their unique perspectives and worldview through a therapeutic and creative outlet.

Traditional Art

The Traditional Art (TA) class allows our students to understand the art of their culture. Our students learn how to weave baskets, wall decorations and design traditional Rwandan jewelry. This Enrichment course is significant because it provides a therapeutic and creative means for our students to understand the beauty of their heritage.


In Sewing (SE) our students learn how to construct and sew tote bags, handbags and other fashion accessories using traditional African wax fabric and sewing machines. This course provides our students with a highly useful and creative technical skill that they can be utilize long after their time at ASYV.


In the Piano enrichment program students learn basic elements of piano playing, understanding where notes sit on a keyboard, making chords and playing scales. This class allows our students to become familiar with moving their hands along a piano, finding and distinguishing notes and hearing harmonies.


The Guitar enrichment program, similarly to the Piano program allows our students to learn the basic elements of finding notes on a guitar, understanding how to make chords and become comfortable with hand placement and creating rhythms.

Recording Studio

Our Recording EP is a unique and rare course that allows our students to learn how to use special software to mix and re-master music. With the use of keyboards and computers, our students learn what goes into mixing beats, creating background tracks, and blending instrumental and vocal sounds together to create songs.

Photography & Movie Editing

Within this EP our students learn the art of capturing vibrant and unique pictures, as well as creating and editing movies. Students learn how operate and care for equipment, as well as how to utilize the equipment efficiently to get good photos and films.

Kitchen Skills

Our students learn the basics of preparing a variety of foods. This EP provides our students with a practical and necessary skill that they can use in their daily life.


In the Hospitality Enrichment program our students are introduced to the basics of providing quality customer service and creating an attractive and comfortable environment for guests and clients.


In Carpentry our students learn the basics of how to utilize tools and wood to build structures such as bookshelves and shoe racks. They learn how to accurately cut and design sturdy and neatly put together structures that can be used by their peers.

Sport Enrichment Programs

In each sports EP our students learn the rules of the respective games or art form. Students also receive an opportunity to improve their physical abilities, as well as learning how maintain healthy and balanced lifestyles. Karate Girls & Boys Football Girls & Boys Volleyball Girls & Boys Basketball