The Rwandan Institute of Evangelical Theology (FATER)


Quick Facts

Location: Kigali and Gisenyi, Rwanda

Size: 9,000 students (Kigali), 3,000 students (Gisenyi)


Majors: Theology



The Rwandan Institute of Evangelical Theology

P.O. Box 2280

Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: (250) 788303667/ (250) 788308792





The vision for The Faculte de Theologie Evangelique au Rwanda (FATER) came from the Alliance Evangelique au Rwanda, a body affiliated with the Association of Evangelicals of Africa (AEA). A number of its member churches felt the need of training for their own leadership and, following some consultation with Africa Inland Mission, decided to work together in the setting up of a theological school rather than each trying to establish their own.


The Faculty has the following fundamental values:


The Vision of The Rwandan Institute of Evangelical Theology  

FATER exists to enable its students to mature as disciples of Jesus Christ, in order to become fishers of men (Matthew 4:19) and so to participate in G-ds missions by themselves making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20).


The Mission of Kigali Independent University

The fundamental mission of ULK is to provide the people with a training, which may enable them to become actors and organizers of a complete development of our nation. It this respect, research work is basically focused on topics of local, national and regional interests.



ULKs main campus is located in Kigali, with a smaller campus located in Gisenyi.



1.     Faculty of Economics and Business Studies 

      Bachelors of Economics

      Bachelors of Finance

      Bachelors of Accounting

      Bachelors of Rural Development

2.     Faculty of Law

      Bachelors of Law

3.     Faculty of Social Sciences

      Bachelors of Sociology

      Bachelors of Administrative Sciences

      Bachelors of Population Studies

4.     Faculty of Science and Technology

      Bachelors of Computer Science