Dr.Tamar Shak

Dr. Tamar Shak is a peadagogical trainer in Liquidnet Family High School @ ASYV, she is working with the teachers of LFHS and all the school staff about teaching and learning strategies.


Kasandra Antoine

Kasandra grew up in CT, USA. She is the EFL Consultant at the village. Her hobbies are traveling, writing, and photography. After graduating college, she promised herself to spend five years abroad. Rwanda is the third year.


Jack Bates

I am the cousin of King Menelik family and the technology volunteer this year. In first term I installed a caching proxy here at the village to improve internet access. I also worked to make the village computer network faster and more reliable

I tutor HTML after lunch on Tuesdays and Fridays, at the high school in computer lab one, from about 15:00 to 17:00. Here are some of my favorite resources on HTML, programming, and JavaScript


Melissa Flint

Melissa is helping with the farm and Nature Park at ASYV. She has a background in biology, environmental consulting and organic farming. She likes to find connections between nature and people. Melissa is from Canada and is the cousin of Marie Curie family. In her spare time she practices yoga and enjoys playing music. In Vancouver, Canada Melissa was part of a bicycle inspired performance collective that aimed to inspire people to ride, to empower women and to tread lightly on the earth.


Barrett Frankel

I grew up in the quaint town of Novelty, Ohio, with 3 older brothers and extraordinary parents. I am a 3-time graduate of Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA) - B.S. in Marketing, and a B.A. in Theatre. Upon graduation, I attended a post-baccalaureate acting program in association with The Moscow Art Theatre and The American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, MA. I then spent several years traveling and working around the country. For the past 5 years, I had been working at a selective University as Associate Director of Admissions and Alumni Education. I completed my M.Ed. in Globalization and Educational Change in May, 2011, focusing on international education development in sub-Saharan Africa, which prompted me to take my acquired skills and combine them with my lifelong dream to live and work in sub-Saharan Africa. I am now serving as the International Coordinator and a member of the 2012 JDC Jewish Service Corps at the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village. In the Village, I am responsible for all aspects of the visitation experience for all visitors (both day and overnight guests), as well as coordinating group service-learning trips, and assisting with the guest experience student club. I am also a "cousin" to a first-year family of 16 girls.

Fun fact: I eat a jar of peanut butter per week & I love being barefoot!


Dorea Jackson

Dorea is a member of Henry Dunant family and works as the Communications Assistant and Art Instructor. She also teaches the Football EP and coaches the girl's Football team with Melissa. She is originally from Detroit, Michigan, which is in the Midwest part of the US. She has a background in International development and policy. She hates snakes and the hordes of biting ants that are in the Village. She loves music and dancing, and enjoys traveling and hanging out with her family and friends.


Nathan Pell

My name is Nathan Pell. I come from Jerusalem. This year I am working at ASYV in the informal education department. I am developing a program to teach social development through sports. I have also enjoyed working with the staff and students to create meaningful programs for special events. When the football team misses 5:00am practice the children of Rubona encourage me to run.


Maytal Schmidt

Maytal was born in Jerusalem, Israel but raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. She graduated Oberlin College in 2010 and majored in Religion, African American Studies and Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies. Currently she works at Agahozo as Informal Educator Senior 5 and Senior 6. While in the Village she is working on program planning, the Student Resource Center, Tikkun Olam and various workshops for student and staff. Her background in Informal Education came from her 15-year involvement in Habonim Dror, a Jewish, progressive youth movement. She loves being with friends and family and reading books. Her favorite food is Thai food and macaroni and cheese!


Sika Somberg

Sika was born in former Yugoslavia. She attended schools in Great Britain, France and the US. After spending over thirty years doing computer software development, twenty seven of which were for Boston University, she decided to follow her lifelong passion for humanitarian work. She spent 3 months in Rwanda in 2007 and a year in Malawi in 2009 before coming to the Village in 2010. Currently she is the coordinator for the Professional Skills program which is an intense, hands-on training program through which the kids are given practical skills that the Village hopes will increase their employment options when they leave. She is also organizing a Student Resource center which provides guidance to students regarding life choices, career options and employment opportunities. Her aspiration is to have a haircut in as many countries in the world as possible. So far it's been more than a dozen countries; the best one was in Argentina and the worst one in Rwanda!


Miki Vizner

Sunshine State Miki
Experiential science
First mud oven, eh!


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